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Top 5 SoundMagic Earphones

Our Guide to the SoundMagic Earphones

If you are planning to buy new earphones, then there are very high chances that you may know about the company SoundMagic.

The company has designed and manufactured various award-winning headphones and earphones. Whether you want to listen to music or want to make phone calls, there are a pair of SoundMagic Earphones that will fulfil your needs.

Currently, the company makes a lot of flagship earphones that deliver immersive sound quality, outstanding durability and stylish aesthetics.

So in this article, we will discuss the top 5 SoundMagic earphones that you can buy in 2020.

SoundMagic E10

Design-wise the SoundMagic E10 earphone feels solid. They have a 4 feet long heavy-duty cable. The design of the headset is very minimalistic, and they fit comfortably in the ears.

Overall the sound quality is balanced, and even the full and mid-range are well optimized. However, the bass isn’t huge, but it is deep and vibrant due to which it becomes the right choice for pop and hip hop lovers.

Highs are soft and round, but the mids are well balanced. So they give a delightful listening experience.

SoundMagic E10 comes with a soft carrying pouch and seven extra pair of silicon tips of different sizes. So no matter what is the size of your ear, you can adjust the ear tips accordingly.

The in-ear design combines with the perfect ear tips and ensures that the sound is not lost or diluted. The jack connector and splitter are made up of metals which are useful for increasing the life of earphones.

If you are searching for an earphone for everyday use, then you can go with SoundMagic E10.


SoundMagic E11C has an updated driver which promises the improvement in sound. Moreover, it has a silver-plated copper cable. So you did not need to worry about the iconic red headphone cable.

The earphone has a typical cylindrical, aluminium design. Moreover, they also come with extra silicone ear tips. On the left cable of the headset, the standard three-button remote control and mic is present.

With the help of the three-button remote, you can control the volume level and start-stop functionality of the headphone. Moreover, the remote is very light and unobtrusive. So you did not need to suffer from unwanted cable noise.

Due to the updated driver, the SoundMagic E11C sounds really good. But make sure you use the right size ear tip with it that gives a snug fit.

It will not only isolate the outside but also ensure that you can hear their full sonic spectrum. The sensitivity rating of them is 112dB that is pretty high. Moreover, it means that they deliver plenty of volume by using less device power.

SoundMagic E50C

E50C is one of the best budget earphones by SoundMagic. They have an incredibly stylish built and design with a metallic finish.

Moreover, the earphones are available in three different colours metallic grey, red and gold. Like all the above earphones, it also comes with some extra tips to provide a comfortable in-ear wearing experience.

The earphone produces a strong bass with a sharp tone and luxurious details. Furthermore, it delivers a well balanced and accurate sound. So you can listen to music in the way it was recorded.

SoundMagic E50C comes with an inline mic that works well with both Apple and Android devices. They have the twisted tensile cables that are reinforced to provide strain relief and help in minimizing the maximum noise transfer.

This twisted design not only increases the durability of the earphone but also improves the overall look of the headset. SoundMagic E50C has a three-button control system with which you can easily control the music playback or answer the phone calls.

As the earphone is made up of metal, it reduces the vibration and becomes more durable without compromising on comfort and lightness. If you are searching for a budget headphone that sounds well balanced, then SoundMagic E50C can be the right choice for you.

SoundMagic ES20

SoundMagic ES20 has a very rigid design. They contain the powerful 13.5mm dynamic drivers which produce large soundstage with deep bass and natural highs.

They have a very comfortable design even if you use it for a long time then also you will not feel any pain in your ears. Moreover, its in-ear design provides excellent isolation and maximizes sound quality.

The earphones are available in three different colours black, red and grey. All the headsets have silver edging that gives an attractive look to the earphones.

Furthermore, the SoundMagic ES20 has a tangle-free design. Overall SoundMagic ES20 is a value for money deal.

SoundMagic E80C

SoundMagic E80C comes in a market to provide studio-level sound quality to everyone. The headphone brings powerful audio with a wider soundstage as well as with natural sound balance.

In them, the high-quality copper is used due to which they have a high impedance rating and have more driving power to achieve the full potential of the earphones.

Moreover, the finely tuned neodymium drivers are present in the headphone, which offers excellent sound reproduction that is clear and well balanced. Even the bass is well defined on the SoundMagic E80C.

Apart from this, the earphone has a small switch on the jack plug that helps in customizing the connection. So you can use your remote mic and headset with different devices.


SoundMagic has released a wide variety of earphones until now due to which it is quite challenging to decide the one best headphone.

Even we cannot decide the one earphone that can fulfil everyone’s needs. This is the reason we give you a list of top 5 SoundMagic earphones. So you can decide which one you should buy.

I hope this article helps you to find the perfect SoundMagic earphone.  If you are going to buy any of the above headsets or you are already using any of them, then you can tell us about your experience through the comments section.

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